Yoga is one of the most effective techniques to cut down your extra weight. Yoga is the simplest and very low instant exercise to lose weight. Here is an effective breathing techniques from the yoga experts that will help you to lose weight quickly. This breathing exercise is easy to do and painless to lose weight.

yoga breathing

Here is one of the most effective yoga breathing exercise to lose weight:


This is one of the simplest breathing techniques shred by yoga experts, usually performed by Hindu gurus in India, which is very helpful weight lose yoga exercise.

Here’s how to do it:

Simply sit cross-legged on the floor, keep your body straight included neck and chin and close your eyes to feel more comfortable. Relax your abdomen muscles without strain them. Simply take deep breaths like sniffing and feel your abdomen pulling inwards. Initially practice the exercise 30 to 50 times and increase the number of breaths with the passage of time.

Salient Benefits Yoga breathing for weight loss

  • Deep inhalation of breath fills your lungs with fresh oxygen and make healthy your body cells. Deep breathing also increases oxidation and helps in burning fat cells.
  • Yoga breathing boosts our metabolism and strength to our thyroid glands that are responsible for regulating metabolic rate.
  • Some of the special yoga breathing help you to burn fats from your body and decrease the calories of quality while deep breathing.
  • Intake more oxygen in yoga breathing balance the level of carbon-dioxide that slow down your body, and it will give us energy to workout.

Note: Avoid Kapalbhati breathing exercise while having high blood pressure or periods and the heart patient never do it.