As other workouts need warm-up before starting them, in the same way yoga also needs few minutes warm-up before starting other yoga moves for flat belly. Just start with warm-up or breathe work pose and get started for other yoga moves.

Warm-Up/Breath Work

yoga workout for flat bellySit with crossed legs and close you’re your eyes and take a deep breath. Take in breath from the nose and through it from your mouth. Try to hold your breath for few seconds after taking it in than release it through your mouth. Repeat the practice one or more time. Now you are ready to other flat belly yoga workouts.

Easy Spinal Twist

easy to do yoga move Keep your both knees together roll down onto your back, now touch your knees with chest and massage your back by rock side to side. Move your left leg straight out to the floor, keep touching your knee into your chest. Start taking deep breathing during these yoga moves.

Rock Up To Standing

best moves of yoga for flat bellySimply lay on your back keep your both knees at your chest, slightly rock back and forward from your shoulders to your hips. Try to get the momentum while rocking back and forward, when you get the right momentum move it to your feet and stand up. This yoga exercise needs a lot of power, however you can use your hands in order to push yourself to the upside.

Windshield Wiper

flat belly yoga movesKeep your knees together lay on your back. Keeping your arms straight on the floor yours hands should be parallel to your shoulders and keep your neck and head in straight position. Take deep breaths and lower your legs to the left and right side. Now it’s time to hover the legs nearly 3 inches from the floor. Keep taking deep breathing.

Bridge With A Lift

simple yoga move for flat bellyLay on your back, placing your both feet on floor and bent your knees, bring your feet to the hip distance apart, and take some deep breaths in this position. Start lifting your hips slightly from the floor and bring your both arms underneath your body, rise your chest towards to your chin rolling your shoulders, now release your arms and go down to the floor.