To perform different bodyweight moves with proper guide help you to loss more weight in less time. It will not decrease your weight as well as you will be able to increase your strength, range of motion, and balance. Follow the 25 minutes workout to put off your 200 calories.

Your Workout Plan

Wramup: March in place and do jumping jacks for 1 minute each (Time 3 minutes, Repetition 3-6 wrapmup)

Squat: Squatting in a normal speed not too fast nor too slow (Time 1 minute, Repetition 5-6 squats)loss fat from thighs

Side Kick: Kick right leg out to the side as you rise up; switch sides after 30 seconds (Time 1 minute, Repetition 6-7 sidekicks)

wotkout for weight loss

Jump Squat: Try jump squats how long you can do it, don’t push your body over to your strength (Time 1 minute, Repetition 8-10 times)

loss fat from arms and legs

March in Place: this exercise is just like walking but you can do it in a room (Time 2 minutes, Repetition 3-4 times)

workout practice at home

Lunges: Lung, Right forward, change the legs after 1 minute (Time 2 minutes 5-6 lungs)

lungs workout for weight loss

Jumping Jacks: stand straight, open your legs and move your hand from down to up, up to down, right to left and left to right (Time 1 minute 1 minute, Repetition 7-6 jumping jacks)

workout for full body

Burpee: this exercise will help you to sit, go down and stand again and again (Time 1 minute, Repetition 8 times)

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Repeat the same exercise once again for the same time after a rest of 5 minutes.