kettelbell exercise for weight lossA few people use kettlebell for weight loss workout but many of the people don’t know the benefits of this simple exercise for ripped abs development. Here are some of the best Kettlebell exercise for abs.

You need an explanation that no matter how good your exercise program is, you just need a fat burning move for your whole body however, you need to eat right things.

Experts find that kettlebells will be effective to get leaner and stronger body as conventional cardio is best for fitness. You need a respectable set of abs that is simple formula to get rid from fat body using a kattlebell.

However, you need to add a perfect diet plan in order to lost fats from your body with less effort. Simple follow the given kettlebell exercise plan to lose fats faster.

  1. 5 reps Kettlebell Deadlift
  2. 5 reps Pushup
  3. 5 reps Kettlebell High Pull
  4. 4 reps Pushups
  5. 5 reps Tow-hand Kettlebell swing
  6. 5 reps Pushup
  7. 5 reps Goblet Squat
  8. 5 reps pushup

5 Things to Avoid in Kettelbell Exercise

  1. Not following proper movement progression
  2. Not maintaining a neutral spine
  3. Taking too wide a stance
  4. Muscling the bell with the upper body
  5. Training to muscle failure

Workout you can do other than Kettelbell

  1. Metabolic Conditioning: 1 to 2 days per week
  2. Heavy Strength Training: 4 to 5 days per week
  3. Brisk Walking: As much as possible