The beginners can follow the given weight workout plan for the first week, its simple to do and take only 30 minutes a day.

First Week WorkoutsDay 1 – Start Aerobic

Walk energetically at least 20 minutes or use treadmill for 15 minutes. Keep in mind your targeted areas when you start walking. You can use a pedometer that will track you how far you have walked for a day in a specific time. Do a usual exercise and lite aerobic by focusing targeted fated areas.

Day 2 – Strength Training

Warm up yourself for about 5 to 10 minutes before starting strength training. Start with some stretching exercises to stretch your targeted fated muscles. On initial stages use dumbbells and resistance band for bit hard exercises. Or you can start light weight lifting on initial stages if you are belongs to a gym.

Day 3 – Take the Day Off!

Comeback to the aerobic workout and increase your time of aerobic, do some more aerobic workouts for 15 minutes. After aerobics do some full body stretching exercise.

Day 4 – Back to Aerobics

Increase the time of aerobics and do it about 20 minutes with some extra moves. Walk for the same time “20 minutes” but try to increase the distance in the same time. Try to add something different in your walk.

Day 5 – Strength Training Again

If you have increased your walking and aerobics time you need to come back to your strength training. Use some strength tools but do it harder as compare to the previous exercise. Make your muscles stronger according to your aerobics and workout plan.

Day 6 and 7 – Take a Breather

Take a beater when you do some weight loss workouts keep control on your diet plan, enjoy your holiday as usual. Keep yourself ready for the next week workout in the same way but add some time and extra workouts in your next week plan.