To do Exercise is a good habit but some of the moves would harmful for your physical health, here are some of the weight lifting exercise you should avoid to do.

Pulldowns Behind Neck

bad exercisePulling weight behind your neck causes extreme shoulder gyration. This move is hard to do and dangerous for the people who have crossed 40 years of age. Because of this reason best trainers avoid to do these exercises and don’t recommend their trainees as well.

Weighted Torso Twists

dont do this exerciseWeighted Torso Twists can do via a machine in a gym using barbell over the shoulders, to add extra weight to the spine throughout a rotating moves is awfully dangerous. You can use to do obliques with crossover crunches for the same fitness level.

Heavy Weight Lifting on a Fitness Ball

dont do heavy weight liftingThe experts don’t use a fitness ball to lay for lifting heavy weight. People who try to use this have more chances of injury while lifting heavy weight on a stability ball. You can do the same exercise by sticking with a flat or incline weight bench or on the ground and use fitness ball for other exercise.


bad exercise for shouldersThis exercise is dangerous, when you lay on a bench and start lowering and raising a bar over your head could cause needless pressure and irritation in the elbow joint. Your purpose to do skullcrushers is to increase the size and power of the triceps and ton of stress on your elbow.

Stiff-Leg Deadlifts

bad exercise for back boneBending forward while taking heavy weight would create raised stress on your spine. When the hips bend to whatsoever angle the constrains allow, the spine will start to bend if you try to go more, which could lead to an amount of back and disk glitches.