bally burner treadmill workout There are several fat burning trends are available with different treadmill exercises. You will be able to burn more fats with your treadmill exercise, but how? The under given treadmill workout will be beneficial for the beginner weight losers who want to see a batter body shape in less time with effective workout.

This treadmill workout especially called “belly burner” workout simple follow the steps to do in 20 minutes. First of all you need to warm up your body before stepping onto treadmill and come in a comfortable position.

Step 1. Increase your speed gradually until you come into brisk walking. (1-3 Minutes)

Step 2. Increase your speed until you and carry on a discussion while taking breath between each sentence. (3-5 Minutes)

Step 3. It’s time to run fast until you feel uncomfortable and start breathing harder. (5-6 Minutes)

Step 4. Slow down and come into jogging position at a medium pace. (Minutes 6-8)

Step 5. Again start running fast that makes you breathe difficult. (Minutes 8-10)

Step 6. Again start jogging at a medium pace. (Minutes 10-12)

Step 7. Start running again until start breathing harder. (Minutes 12-15)

Step 8. Again start jogging and come into normal breathing position. (Minutes 15-17)

Step 9. Now you don’t need to run again simply slow down and keep continue normal jog. (Minutes 17 to 19)

Step 10. Keep walking slowly until you cool down. (Minutes 19-20)

This treadmill workout is best for those people who don’t have time to jog on daily basis, as it will allow you to do all in one on a single machine and keep you away from belly fat. However, if you are already facing belly fats try this belly burner treadmill exercise and get faster results.