Running is an effective exercise to burn extra fats without wasting more time in different workouts. However, some people do it in wrong way and they have to face unexpected results. To avoid from injuries and unnecessary tiredness you should avoid from the given running mistakes.

mastakes to avoid during running

To Set Idealistic Goals

Before you start any workout for a specific task it is important to know your realistic goals in a specific period. Keep calm and realistic yourself when you are making a weight loss goal. You cannot win a marathon in just few days because it requires a lot of practice based on several months. In this regard you should avoid from unrealistic goals in your running strategy to lose weight.

To do Overrunning

If you have started running to lose weight and you are doing it a lot it will not be effective on long term basis. You should know your limits and strength before you start running. Set a specific distance in a specific time and increase the distance in that specific time on daily basis. So avoid from overtraining especially on initial basis than gradually increase your running distance in the same duration.

To Wear Bad Shoes

Running with wrong shoes will lead you to unnecessary pain, tiredness or injury. If you run in an unusual shoes that are not compatible for running this practice will never be an effective effort in your weight loss strategy. You can try different shows for running and use that one which is more compatible with your running style.

To Run without Warm Up

One of the major mistakes in running is people forget to warm-up their body before they start running. They just go outside or stand on treadmill and start running and running. This practice will lead your muscles to tonicity and you will tired earlier. If you don’t have time to warm up treat your first kilometer running as walking than start running slowly and speedup gradually.

A Tense Upper Body

Most of the people run without a purpose and they keep their upper body tense while running. They do extraordinary struggle for running and use the unnecessary power to run faster. While running make sure your shoulder, jaw and arms are relaxed and your mind is fresh to burn fats.