There are usually two major types of belly fat, visceral belly fat and subcutaneous belly fat. Visceral fat is underneath the abnormal muscle in which your abdominal muscles feel tight and ridged. The subcutaneous feel above the abdominal muscles and hangs over the belt.

The first one type of fat, visceral fat, is easy to burn and as it is easy to overcome on these type of fat hormones as compared to subcutaneous fat.

You may easily store your belly fat with the combination of extra calories and hormonal effect of cortisol and insulin. Sometime your fat loss gets slower because of some hormonal phenomenon including calories.

What should be your Daily Diet?

diet plan to loss belly fatOn initial basis replace the sugar and starch with fiber, add some portions in your routine food stuff. Use the highest ratio of fiber, vegetables, protein and fruits. Use cheese and yogurt, these both have high protein however, add small amount of dairy products.

Follow the given diet plan on daily basis if you are really interested to lose belly fat.

  • Breakfast – Eggs and a less amount of starch
  • Lunch – Chicken with salad
  • Dinner – less meat, veggies and less starch
  • Snack – Apple and some almonds

What should be your Workout plan?

workout to loss belly fatYou may start workout with running, initially give 20 minutes for 4 exercises, 5 minutes to each. Start push-up, squat, back row and curl. See how many rounds, push-ups and squats you do in 5 minutes.

While running, you should have a watch, note your time of running for a specific distance. In one minute running go hard for 20 seconds then rest yourself for other 40 seconds, gradually increase the time of hard running and decrease your rest time on daily basis.

Some people never consider that walking is an exercise but to add some walk after each workout will maintain your stamina for the next workout.

Follow the weekly workout plan if you are beginner to burn belly fat and increase the workouts with the passage of time.

  • Monday – Running, circuit weight training
  • Tuesday – Running, Lunges
  • Wednesday – Running, mountain climbers
  • Thursday – Running, Push-ups
  • Friday – Running and all of the above
  • Saturday, Sunday – Rest

Extra Tip

Sleeping is one of the most important factors to loss belly fat in an effective way. You should sleep 8-10 hours at night while following the above workout and diet plan. Early to bed and early to rise should be your habit.

Motivate yourself on daily basis with some motivational quotes and words by speaking with yourself. It helps you to be determinant in order to decrease your weight faster.


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