The experts think that dynamic stretches is a healthy and effective activity before you start running for weight loss. If you starch your body parts especially legs and prepare yourself for running with simple stretches it will not impose bad impact on your legs’ muscles. Here are some of the dynamic stretching moves that will help you to reduce more weight after more running.

Stork Stretch

stretch before runningSimply open up your hip parts with this dynamic classic stretch. On initial basis you can use a wall during stretch and after some time balance your body without the support of wall. Just stand on a foot and band your other foot and grab your ankle and touch your foot to your hip. Keep your leg touching to your hip almost 10 seconds and repeat the practice 3 to 4 times.

Hip Circles

exercise before runningHip circles stretches will help you to run more time and you can do it easily. Simply stand keeping your hands on your hips and your feet hip width separately. Start circle your hips in right direction than change the direction into left side. Repeat the circle practice 6 to 10 times in one direction after that switch directions.

Walking Lunges

best strech beofor runningThis stretching move help you to open your major muscles group. This stretch will help you to move your important muscles that can used mostly while running. Simply stand feet together and take one long step by posing your body weight on your feet and bent your knee 90 degrees than back your body and do the same practice with the other leg. Take almost 10 lungs with a one leg.

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

bent knee before runningSimply stand in a lunge position bent your knee at 90 degrees. Keep straight your back leg, during this stretch move you will feel stretch in your back thigh. Never forget to keep your front knee associated over your toes. Now it’s time to look up and rise your arms for few seconds. Repeat the practice 8 to 10 times.