dumbbells exercise for weight lossThe given guide of dumbbells workouts that can be performed in 30 minutes will bring your body muscles stronger and help you to reduce extra weight. These workouts will tone your upper body and prepare your abs too.

On initial stages you have to use lower weight dumbbells and complete them as per your current ability. However, with the passage of time you can increase the weight of dumbbells and workout time period as well.

For each exercise you may complete 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps as per your ability. If the workout includes touching your arms individually, 1 rep counts for left and 1 for right arm.

Make sure that while performing each exercise that you have to be very careful about the controlling way of lifting dumbbells to avoid muscles disorder and injury. The experts always recommend a 5 minutes light warm up exercise to prepare your body for harder workouts.

If you are new to use dumbbells to lose weight, we recommend to ask from the trainer to avoid imbalance your own and to avoid injuries.

workouts for dumbbellsDumbbells usually used to put your upper body in shape and they have less effect on your lower body parts. The best examples of dumbbells exercise is bench press, curls, rear deltoid raise, shoulder shrug, push press and triceps dumbbell kickbacks. These dumbbells workouts will be effective for your upper body parts.

For lower body parts exercises you may work for glutes and thighs. Side lung, backward dumbbells lunge and stiffing deadlift are the best exercise for losing weight with dumbbells.