Weight Lifting is one of the effective ways to lose weight but sometime it goes wrong when you do it without guideline. Almost all types of activities of needs training before you perform it however, the beginner weight losers who use weight training at gym do some biggest mistakes that results in negative manner.

Weight Loss workout mistakes

1. Avoiding a Spotter

Some new weight lifters who knows some specific exercises to lose weight try to avoid from spotter, but they don’t know a spot can help you to lose more weight in less time and build your muscles confidently. Some movements like bench press needs sport of 2nd person to perform all moves faster and easier.

2. Workout without a Goal

First of all you need to know how much you want to lose weight in how many weeks or months. Just start making a goal like “I want to lose almost 10% during this vocation”. Start measuring your progress on weekly and monthly basis.

3. Resting too little or too much

At the start of weight training in your weight lose strategy you got extraordinary motivated and avoid to relax during your weight training workout. On the other hand after some time when you get tired from routine workout you start taking too much rest during your workout session. The research founded a weight training session with medium rest time will be more effective as compared to resting too much or too low.

4. Spending more time at Gym

At the start of weight training people try to use gym for hours and hours. The experts think a 60 minutes workout with rest time included. Some people thinks double the time you spent in gym would get double result, but wrong. If you spent 60 minutes at gym included your warm up and rest time between each weight training workout.

5. Going for a Record

As a beginner you should know you cannot compare your body with a person who is doing it for years. Gym is a place where you can continually improve your body and burn fats on daily basis. So, as a beginner weight loser you cannot go for a record in days.