A marathon runner is a great example for you if you want to adopt running method to reduce your extra fats. Here are some of the simple running tips from marathon runners that can make your weight loss strategy more effective.

best tips of running for marathon runners

One mile daily

Daily one mile lite running is necessary to stay in motion. Daily one mile running will not only help you to reduce your weight and your muscles will get stronger as well. A marathon runner can run a lot on daily basis however, you should run according to your capacity, one mile would be enough for you.

Keep your water supply

While running for a long you should have a water bottle with you. Some sips of water will keep you moving and not losing your stamina. You may freeze a water bottle to keep it with you for a long run. However, never carry multiple or big size bottles with you.

Distance Runs

Distance run is a simple routine set by many of the marathon runners. You can set a long route for daily running, just try to cover the same distance in the less time period.

Avoid Pollution

Keep in mind the route you are going to set for daily running should be pollution free. Choose a runway close to nature having trees, if not just try to avoid the busy roads that have a lot of traffic. It will keep your mind fresh and you will not have chance of accident.

Use Heart Rate Monitor

Track your daily progress by using a heart rate monitor that will help you to accountable during your weight loss running workout. This will let you know your daily progress and you will get motivated as well.