It is not impossible to lose your weight but it needs regular workout. There are some of the fat releasing workouts that works fast.  


Push-upsHit your chest to the ground or do pushups against a wall at least 20 a day. You will get good results sooner. It is not only for lose fate from your body as well as it makes your muscles stronger.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain ClimbersYou may do it at home or in a park but there is no need of a mountain. Just imagine you are climbing on mountain and use your full power while walking. Keep your hands on the floor and straight your back and push yourself to the front side.

Stair Climbers

Stair ClimbersEveryone has stair at home, offices and the place where people work so don’t try to use electric lift to go on 1st or 2nd floor. Use your home or office stairs two times a day.

Walking Lunges

Walking LungesYou can start your day with walking lungs in your room or parks. Step forward with your right foot and band your both legs, while practicing keep your knee at the angle of 90-degree when you step forward, your knee should touch with the floor. Take at least 10 lungs in the same way.


BicyclesIt is not physical bicycling for this exercise you need to lay on the floor. Keep your hands bind your head, rise both legs and start imaginary paddling on bicycle. Don’t do it too fast or too slow keep your legs in balance. It will be effective to lose weight from your thighs and hips.


BurpeesThis effective exercise will be helpful for your shoulders and thighs. Stand partly with your feet and hip-width. Place your hands together and palms down on the floor. Jump your legs back and turn into a classic push-up position.