Today technology is enabling us to track our weight loss plans. Here are just some of the best weight loss tech tools for your wrist in 2014. These devices will track your diet plans and workout activities while managing your weight loss plan.

Smart Watches

smartwatch for weight lossIt is more than a smartphone that would help you to lose weight in 2014. It will be very easy to use a fitness app that will help you to track your gym or exercise at home. You will need to be able to access to your favorite fitness program. Effective weight loss apps will help you to reach your weight loss goal. There are some of the world famous tech companies like Samsung and Sony are offering Smart Watches.

Bowflex Boost

Bowflex Boost for weight lossBowflex Boost is a best device for weight loss compatible with your iPhone or an Android device. It will allow you to track your daily weight loss challenges. Bowflex Boost will manage by a free mobile app with up to 11 days of battery timing. It is not an expensive device, available under $50.

Jawbone UP24

jawbone us24  for weight lossThe Jawbone UP24 is a wristband tracker, it helps you to connect wirelessly with the Jawbone UP app or your favorite fitness app. This weight loss wrist device provide you data wherever you want. While using Jawbone UP24 you will be able to track your food intake, distance, calories, steps, ideal activity time and sleep quality. This device is available for iPhone devices, but currently not compatible for android devices.

Fitbit Flex

fitbit flex  for weight lossFitbit Flex is weight loss tech device for your wrist compatible with iOS and Mac devices. This device will help you to track your sleep quality and calories burn activities. This device is available in two different adjustable sizes. It will help you to pay attention on your daily exercise and let you know about the results.

Polar Loop

Polar Loop for weight lossThis is a calorie burn monitoring device, help you to track your daily weight loss diet. You can wear it any time while doing any work this is a waterproof device so you don’t need to remove the device while swimming. It is easy to compatible with most of the device like iPhone and android.