If you avoid to do workout during summer season and you’re not burning calories these days. Now you may join pools to do workout for fat blasting exercise. Swimming is the best way among workouts to do in the pool. Water will help you to burn extra fats from your body as well as it will decrease your stress and it will be great deal to get your body back in the shape. Here are some of the great routine for the next time you take a dip into a pool.

Workouts to do in the Pool

1. Wall walkers: Stand near about 2 feet away from the pool, flap your hands in to the water to keep body afloat, walk towards the pool then continue up the wall as high as possible, now you can repeat the exercise for 3-5 times.

2. Cannonballs: Simply stand with feet hip-width separately and extend your arms in front of your body. Simply contract core and jump to up-forward as close as possible to your hands. Keep jumping in the water from the floor as quick as you can.

3. Alternating fishing hooks: Place your hands at the corner of the pool and bent your elbows. Swing your right leg back as high as possible and repeat it quickly after returning to starting position and do same as with left leg.

4. Single-leg knee-divers: Stand on your right leg and rise your left knee and keep your thigh parallel with the floor and extend your arms to the outside. Now take a simple jump on your right knee up as high as possible and keep continue it on one site and after 30 seconds, switch leg.

5. Current sprints: Stand again with hip-width apart and hands at sides. Contract core and run as quick as you can to the other end of the pool. Back to the starting position and repeat it for 1 minute.

Note: you can do all of these workouts easily but don’t give more time to these workouts just spend only 1 minute for each workout in the pool.