There is a big question rise in the minds of fat people, is Yoga helpful for weight loss? The answer is YES!

Yes, Yoga is helpful for weight loss that make a make a huge difference in your life. The given yoga poses for weight loss will help you to get a perfect slim body shape. You just need to relax your body with some specific yoga poses that would help you to reduce your weight fast.

Wind Releasing Pose

yoga pose for weight lossWind Releasing Pose will help you to target your abdominal areas. Just lay down on the floor and bring your knee to face and face to knee side. Hug your knee with arms, start breathing deeply and relax your body slowly.

Bow Pose

bow pose for weight lossBow Pose will help you to burn extra calories from your body while matching your arms, legs and abdominal area. It will start laying down on your stomach and bend your knees, handle your feet with hands try to meet your legs with the head. Just take some deep breaths and relax your body.

Cobra Pose

cobra pose for buring fatThis simple but effective yoga pose to burn your calories will get good results in few weeks. Laydown to your stomach on the floor and lift your face and chest from the floor by using your palms on the floor. Press your hips and legs down and take some deep breaths. Push back your shoulders and feel stretch.

Side Stretch Pose

best pose for burning caloriesSide Stretch Pose will be effective to burn calories and raise your heart rate. State slightly and apart your legs. Rotate your body to your feet and move hands from sky to earth. Hinge further with each breathe out, move your chest closer to your thighs. Same as previous take some deep breaths and relax your body after posing side-stretch.

Warrior Pose

burn fat with yogaWarrior pose will be best for your arms, abs and thighs. It is simple to perform, stand straight and step a leg 3 to 4 feet, move your both feet and torso to forward. Bend the left knee over toes and try to keep your right leg straight. Rise your fingers upward and look to your hands.