There are several way to lose weight and HIIT – High Intense Interval Training is one of the effective way to lose weight faster however, it is not easy to perform. Here we have three simple solutions in shape of low impact workouts you just need to pick your favorite one and lose your extra fasts without HIIT.


cycling for weight loseCycling is a best low-impact workouts that will help you to comeback into a fit shape without putting unnecessary load on your joints. On initial basis you can try 60-80 rpms while paddling for hilly terrain and 80-100 on flat surface. This plan to pedal on an indoor or outdoor would help you to burn 600-800 calories in an hour. Biking is one of the best fat burning tool, however you should practice all included hills, sprint and flat cycling. Cycling is also help you to Low Intense Training as well as give you opportunity for HIIT.


swimming for weight loseSwimming is one of the most important way to burn extra calories in less time, allow your full body to come into move and do struggle for weight loss. The resistance that water provide you during swimming will be more effective on your body fat and help your muscles to get stronger and reduce impact force on your joints. Swimming also improves your cardiorespiratory fitness and give strength to your whole body focusing your arms, back and legs.


sckating for weight loseIf you prefer to do outdoor cardio weight lose training will help you to burn some serious calories while enjoying skating. If you focus on skating and spend more time to do skating it will be a best alternative of high intensity interval training.