To do exercise is hard but this is one of the most effective ways to lose weight in weeks. Here are some of the best moves that would be more festive to lose your body fats.  You just need 30 minutes or less to do under given effective weight loss moves.

Ground Zero Jumps

exercise for weight loseThis move will help you to burn extra calories, especially from your backside. Ground Zero Jumps will target your metabolism, heart rate and athleticism. It would be effective to make strengthen your hips and core more than old-style cardio exercises.

Skater Jumps

best exercise for weight loseSkater jumps assumed as dynamic move that can be done in an easy way. It will be effective for your hips and heart without doing too much exercise. This movement is like speed skating on ground without using any exercise machine.

Low Box Runner

box runner exerciseLow Box Runners is a simple move that needs a box to step or it can do easily at home’s stair. In this exercise to weight lose you can move quickly your arms that creates an elasticity in your muscles and minimize your Wight from your chest and thighs.

Bucking Hops

weight lose with bucking hopeBucking Hops will help your muscles to stabilize while multi-directional movement. This is a total body exercise start from your shoulders and ends to your ankle. This move creates full blood circulation in your body. It is best for you backsides to reduce fats from hips and thighs.

Towel Rows

exersie with bech towelTowel Rows workout will help you to start a metabolic activity for burring calories and make your tissues and muscle of upper body. You need to use a beach towel to create extra resistance between your feet and hands. It will help to make your shoulder healthier and create balance in your upper body.