If you have less time for your weight loss plan but you are really interested to lose weight quickly. Here we found some of the best fat burning moves for faster weight loss. These workout will help you to burn extra fats faster and pull your body muscles to make your stronger.

Medicine Ball Chest Pass

fat burning mvoesSimply take a medicine ball in your hands and stand straight in front of a wall, keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep the medicine ball in front of your chest. Step forward and press the ball forcefully to the wall by pushing it away from your chest. When you catch the ball again bend your knees to lower position and come to the half squat position.

Kettlebell Swing

simple kattle ball exerciseHold a single kettlebell with both hands and stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Turn your knees to the down side slightly and keep pushing your hips to the backward, while keeping your chest lifted, simply hinging your chest till it is equivalent with the ground. Take kettlebell between your both legs with arms fully extended. Explosively impulsion your hips frontward while hugging your gluts. Let the energy from this drive propel the kettlebell to shoulder tallness deprived of relying on arm muscles to do the work. Repeat the movement.

Medicine Ball Wood Chops

madicine ball exercise for weight lossStand straight and hold a medicine ball in front of your chest. Simply come to the squat position while keeping your chest up, and take the medicine ball to the outside of one knee. Again come to the standing position and twist your torso and bring the ball up and take the ball above to your shoulder. Return to the starting position and repeated the move again and again.