It is common among women to have big butts and it cause to avoid wear jeans as well as some men have the same issue. Here we have some special butt workouts that really work to get them into a good shape.

Kettlebell Swing

easy butt workout Hold some weight in both hands like dumbbells or kattlebell and stand with feet width apart and band your knees slightly near about 45-degree angle to the floor. Swing kattlebell between your legs and keep your arms straight and thrust your hips to the forward side and come into the stand position. Repeat the practice at least 15 times in one set.

Single-Leg Hamstring Curl

simple butt workout Lie on your back using a Swiss ball or you may use a chair to come into a bridge position. Start turning your hips from the floor and press your feet to the ball/chair and bend your right knee towards your chest while keeping your left foot on the ball. And repeat the same exercise with other side and take at least 10 reps of one side.

Single-Leg Jumps

leg jum for butt workout Stand on your right leg and bend your knee while shifting your hips to the back and try to jump as high as you can,  taking a step to forward side and land on the floor softly. Now change the leg and repeat the exercise at least 10 time of each side, don’t forget to keep pushing your hips to the back side.


easy to use butt workoutTake some weight in your hands like dumbbells and you can use a box, bench or home’s stairs. Just stand straight and grab the dumbbells take a step-up and slowly lower down until your back foot touches the floor, keep your chest up and core engaged. Do at least 10 reps per side.


deadlifts for butt workout Hold some weight into your hands (dumbbells) and hold it at arm’s length in front of thighs. Stand straight and slightly band your knees and lower your torso until it goes parallel to the floor and again come into standing position. Do 10 reps.