Balance training helps you to increase your fitness level by creating greater regularity within your hip area. It will help you to be stronger in running and cardio exercises as well as increase constancy. Here are some of the body balancing exercises to get you started.  You may continue your current fitness routine by adding them into your workouts. Just give only 30 seconds to each exercise and you will surly feel extraordinary results in your fitness plan.

body lance exercises

1. Popsicle Balancing Move

Stand straight on your right foot on a balance disk, bend your left knee to the front side and spread arms to the overhead. Keep a brace and kick your left leg towards back and hinge it forward at hips parallel to the floor. Switch the legs after completing the set.

2. Rockin’ the Cradle Balancing Move

Take the lunge position and keep your right foot in front and left toe on the top of bouncing ball. Lower your hips slowly until right knee comes into 90-degree angle. Now switch the position right to left and repeat the same practice.

3. Switch Kick Balancing Move

Place your right foot on the balance disk and stand straight and start banding your left knee in front of you. While knee banding extend arms to out to sides. Stand with a brace kick your left foot and slightly hinge forward at hips. After completing one task change the body position.