Rising Lunge

best HTTI exerciseStart this exercise with left leg lung forward and bent your arms sides and keep your arms in fists. Now quickly extend your legs and rise them up to the balls of feet keeping your arms extend to overhead and immediately return to the previous position. Repeat the task at least 45 seconds for one side and repeat the same exercise on opposite side. Initially do it slowly and after some time make your movement quicker for better results.

Kickin’ Plank

best HTTI exercise Start with a full plank position with feet hip-width apart, now move your left foot quickly in kick position and try to reach your left hand toward right foot. Again come to the start position and repeat on the other side. Keep continue alternating sides for 45 seconds and do it quickly as it is possible.

Seated Tuck Jumps

best low impact HTTI training Take a chair and sit on the edge of it and leaning back slightly. Try to pull your abs in tight and you’re your knees near about 90-degree. Bend your elbows in front of shoulders. Lift your knees up quickly and tab your thighs with hands, and sitting straight and draw legs in. immediately come into the start position and repeat the exercise for 45 seconds.

Stationary Skater

simple HTTI trainingStart with simply stand with hip-weight apart and bend you knee into the side lung, extend your left leg while pointing the left foot. Drive your left and right arm to the forward and bent your elbows as well. Stay in the squat position and shift your weight to the legs and lowering into the left side lunge and bend your left know while pointing right foot.