Why Workout during Pregnancy?

Weight training or workout during pregnancy will help you to maintain your current wait after giving birth to your child. It will tones your muscles and maintain your working stamina. You don’t have to forget your weight lose practices during pregnancy. However, you need to chance your way of workout, here it is.

Workouts during Pregnancy

Kegel exercise during pregnancy

workout during pragnacnyThis move will helpful for your pelvic floor and controls the flow of urine. You can easily do it at any time of the day or night.  During kegel exercise try to hold and tens your muscles for long as you can, usually 8 to 10 seconds. Keep practicing it daily three times a day and don’t forget to relax yourself.

Leg lifts during pregnancy

pregnancy workoutsDuring leg lifting you can use your body’s weight that will make your thigh muscles stronger. It is very simple to do lay with the help of your hips, knee and shoulder, support your head with the left arm and slowly lift your right leg in the air and lift it as comfortably you can do it. Take deep breaths during lifting your leg and do the same with opposite side.

Pelvic tilts during pregnancy

easy workout for pregnent womanYou will have to strength your abs for labor and delivery, and after pregnancy to continue this practice will help you to maintain your weight. It is very easy to do a pelvic tilt exercise just stand with your back against a wall or lay down on the floor and relax your spine. Inhale while pressing your back against the wall and exhale while turning yourself to the front side. This practice will not only lose your weight as well as it helps you to get rid from back pain after pregnancy.

Squats during pregnancy

best pregnancy workoutsThis exercise good for your thighs and helpful if you plan to deliver in the squatting position. Stand straight when you start, and simple lower yourself close to the floor, down yourself how much comfortably you can. When you sit down completely keep your heels on the floor and keep squatting 15 to 30 seconds, repeat the same practice five times.