Treadmill is one of the effective workout for weight loss, but sometime it goes worthless when you do one of the given things. Here are some of the common treadmill mistakes you should avoid from during your weight loss workout.

mistaks people do during treamillYou diverted to Music or TV

People use treadmill to avoid from the traffic or other runners’ destruction during running. The indoor treadmill practice is helpful to focus on your weight loss goal, but if you start listening music or watching television during your treadmill practice would not be effective for weight loss. You should think about it, pick up a pace and increase your incline workout.

You feel slack in Start

While your treadmill practice you run too fast in the beginning and get slack after few minutes. Keep hold on your running speed from beginning to the end. If you do this your will not feel slack and keep practicing for more time.

Treadmill without Purpose or Goal

If you started treadmill workout for weight loss, you should have a weight loss goal to burn fat from different parts of your body. Don’t forget to move other parts of your body like arms while treadmill workout.