Now its time to enjoy summer vocation with 3 simple exercises, that will not only enjoyable for you as well as these will help you to get a perfect body shape before the summer goes end.


best swimming exerciseSwimming is one of the most effective exercise to keep your body in fit shape. It will allow you to perform all kind of exercises at once. Your whole body muscles will work until you keep swimming. This is one of the best fat burning exercise that keep you fit and healthy and help you to burn more calories in less time.


surfring for best weight lose exerciseThis summer is going to be more crazy and healthier if live near a beach area you have a chance to plan your workout routine by adding surfing once a week. This is one of the perfect exercise to make your muscles stronger. If you don’t know how to surf practice on the sand. Start by lying on a surface board than come to the squat position than stand on the board and enjoy the surfing. When you practice these moves dozen times that will keep your body in move and you will surly lose extra fats from your body.


kayaking for exerciseKayaking is a great way to get a fit body shape in your beach workout routine while getting an amazing core and upper body workout. You will have chance to relax your hips when paddling. When you start paddling during kayaking it will more effective as compared cycling. During kayaking you have to