Are you facing over weight problems and you don’t have time to lose your weight? You don’t need to worry about if you are busy in your job or business, but you are really interested to lose weight with effective workout plan.

Yes! You can lose your extra fats by following the given 3 workouts that you can do easily in just 20 minutes. You have to do one exercise for 5 minutes and take 2 minutes rest after each exercise. You just need free weights for all exercise for weight loss.

1. Thrust and Row

weight loss workoutTake a squat position, axis onward from your hips near about 45 degrees, take free weights to the floor. Bend your elbows and go down with weights to any side of your body, hug your shoulder to the edges and go down. Facedown to the floor and extend your arms, press free weights into ground directly below shoulders. Simple jump feet back into the straight position.

2. Spiderman Pushup

best weight loss moveGo facedown position with hands and give a margin to your shoulders and feet together. Take some pushups. Lift your left or right knee and teke into the same side to your arm. Try to tap your knee to the elbow if you can do it easily. Repeat the exercise with both sides.

3. Skull Crush Crunch

simple weight loss workoutNow change your method of laying, lay face-up. Bend your knees and hips 90 degrees as well as your bend your elbows in the same degree position. Brace your abs in tight and crunch up. While bracing lift your abs and off the floor and extend to ceiling, and slowly return the same position practice the exercise 5 minutes.