Fitness grounds can play a vital role to lose weight and stay fit with less effort. You may have several fitness grounds in your city where people go for jogging, but a few of people use the fitness machines available at playgrounds. These equipment at playgrounds allow you to perform better outdoor activities.

Here we find some of the best playground equipment that may help you to stay fit and healthy by using fitness machines at playgrounds.

Parallel Dip Bars

parallel dip bars for exerciseParallel dip bars is one of the simplest but effective fitness equipment which is easily available in all playgrounds. It helps you to sculpt your arms and abs and make them stronger. This is one of the most powerful strength trainings that you can do at playground effective for your upper body development. This fitness equipment offers several moves from L-sit to leg swings to build your abs and arms muscles and increase your stamina.

Balance Beam

balance beam exercise for weihgt lossBalance beam is another commonly available fitness equipment available at playgrounds. It will not help you to practice balance your body, as it also helps you for core muscles workout from your breast bone to hip bones, the most important it is helpful in calories burn. This challenging fitness equipment recommended for abs development where you can perform several moves like extending the lifted leg, balance on one foot and behind your body for additional core challenges.

Pull-Up Bar

pull ups to stay fit Pull up bar is one of the favorite fitness equipment in playgrounds. Mostly this equipment easily available at fitness parks. This is a great piece of equipment to build upper body and help you in core strength. Anyone can easily workout on pull up bars as per their strength. This faintness gear help you to strengthen your back, shoulders and biceps.

Now it’s time to choose your favorite playground fitness machines and start workout to stay fit on these simple workout gears without paying the fees of gym.