You can follow the given exercise plan to begin exercise for slim thighs and legs, the exercises are effective for both genders, male or female. To get slim thighs and legs you need to do workouts for quads, calves, upper and lower leg parts. Here are some of the exercise moves that will help you to slim down your legs and thighs.

Workout for Quads and Calves

slim down your thighsThe squatting is a best exercise for your quads and calves it will be effective for quadriceps muscle of the thighs and work for calves. On initial stages start exercising without any weight, and with the passage of time you can add dumbbells to increase strength.

Just stand on your feet in normal position, go in squatting position parallel to the floor, in this potion your weight will shift to your heel. Keep your back in straight position and stabilize the muscles of abdomen and lower back.

Hamstrings Workout

workout for slim thighsHamstrings curls is a simple workout that can be done easily at home or the gym. At home you can use circular resistance band or at gym you can use cable pulleys for resistance.

Stand at hip-width and twist your ankle, rise your foot toward your buttocks. While this workout your thighs and hips should remain stationary. Before you repeat the exercise get your balance again continue with full range of motion.

Adductor Muscles Workout

best workout for thighsBallerina squatting will help you to tone inner part of your thighs and adductor muscles. You can start this exercise with your feet broader than your shoulders, turn your toes out.

Bend your left knee this practice will help you to shift your weight to the left side, keep your leg straight place your feet on the same potion. Take your feet in the same position for a couple of seconds, and practice the same exercise with right side.