To do exercise is good but to do exercise with a targeted body part is better and help you to lose weight faster. The given below 3 simple and easy moves for slim thighs will help you to get fit in your skintight jeans.

Seated Leg Raise

best move for thigh weight lossThis exercise will target your front part of your thighs. Sit straight on the floor by supporting your back on the wall, rise your right leg off floor as high as you can do it comfortably while keeping your foot flexed. Never try to touch your leg while lifting and do the same at least 20 times and repeat it with the left leg.

Bent-Knee Extension

thight weight loss workoutsThis exercise will target your back part of thighs and lose extra fats. Lay face-up on the floor sport your body with arms and shoulders, put your feet on stability ball and bent your legs 90 degrees. Lift your hips while bending your legs and never overarch your back and repeat the practice 8 to 10 times.

Scissor Kick

weight loss from thighsThis exercise will target your inner thighs. Laydown face-up on the floor keep straight your back and sport your body with hands. Start lifting your legs about 45 degrees to the sky, quickly open and close your legs and continue exercise at least 15 times.