When you are overweight and feeling bad for your heavy and bulky thighs then you need to burn your calories along with proper exercise of the thighs. It is true that no diet will work lonely until then you will not continue the proper exercise with it. Here, we bring 10 Thigh Exercises to Loss Weight for people who have these problems with their thighs and they need to worry now just try these and see results with the passage of time. Before applying these tricks read the instructions thoroughly.


SquatsA squats are just like the sitting position without having any seat; you can say it is the method of sitting in the air. Stand on ground your feet, move your body towards the surface and when it comes with state of sitting like a car stop moving and stay there and do not move your feet. Do it again and again even on a daily basis.

Jump Squats

jump exerciseIt is a very interesting trick in which you have to jump by following the way of Squats like to turn your body towards the surface, then jump higher as much as you can. After that, you have to come back towards the bending situation, but very slowly.

Reverse Lung

reverse lung exerciseIt is one of the thigh exercises that are easy to continue on a daily basis without having any extra things whereas dumbbells can be used in it. Stand still on your feet, take your one leg backward to the first and put your body pressure on to the backward leg. Bend your knees towards surface in this same situation, then come back to your real position and similarly do this with the second leg.

Forward Lung

forward lung exerciseThe forward Lung trick is the same as reverse lung just the difference of leg shape. In this method you have to take your one leg forward to the next and bend your knee towards the surface and put pressure on the legs by holding dumbbells.

Side Lung

side lung exerciseIt is another type of lung exercise in w3hich you have to spread out your feet by placing one foot at one point. Do not move both legs at one time just take your one leg and spread it and when you do it turn your whole body down and just like the sitting position again. Now come back towards the normal state and do it with the other leg.

Curtsy Lung

curtsy lung exerciseAll the lung exercises are the same conditions like sitting in the air just you have to change the position of your legs. You have to make a cross of your legs, then push your body down and you will feel a strong stretch in your thigh muscles that is the positive sign.

Walking Lung

walking lung exerciseThe difference in this type of exercise is that the condition will be same you just act like a walk on holding the same position.


adduction exerciseIt is a crossing way that deals with cross of your leg by moving arms too towards up and down even dumbbells can also be used.

Wall Sit

wall sit exerciseAs shown the positions from its name that stand with wall and move towards down until then you will reach at the position of sitting and then stop there.


abduction exerciseStand still and move your one leg towards upper side as much as you can by holding your body in one place. Complete this circle by doing with the other leg.