Ruth, 27, is a married women enjoying her job as a secretary in Alexandria, Virginia. During this office job where she have little bit time to move from her seat and her weight goes over 175 pounds, however she manages to get success to lose 38 Pounds after a successful diet and workout plan.

weight loss success storyruth losses 38 poundsShe got fat after her third child, but when she was looking her pictures before pregnancy and compared them with her current body shape. She started feeling tiredness after a little work so decided to lose weight and she did it.

On initial basis she started workouts 3 times in a week and it was enough at beginning. In her all weight loss plan the back pain after weight gain was one of the major problems of Ruth.

When she started to plan weight loss she founded it would take over 8 months but she was commented to with herself for weight loss.

She get motivated after reading some success stories of other people who manage to lose weight in some months, so she thinks why she can’t do this if other can do it and started working.

What Ruth Did to Lose Weight Faster?

  • Don’t miss the gym.
  • Plan your meals.
  • Be consistent.
  • Picture yourself
  • Eat before leave house

What Ruth Eat for Weight Loss?

Breakfast: Peanut butter on wheat bread

Lunch: Lean ham sandwich with light mayo, tomato and lettuce

Dinner: ½ cup of steamed rice with chicken or turkey breast

Mini Meals: A cut tomato with lemon, pepper and 2 cheese sticks, half cup of peanuts, 2 cheese sticks, cucumbers with lemon and salt.

What was Ruth’s Workouts for Weight Loss?

Weight Training: She started with 30 minutes gym training for special weight loss workouts 3 times a week.

Cardiovascular: She also did some cardiovascular work but not now, however the routine Workout is necessary to maintain her current weight or lose more weight.

She is leaving a healthy life with full of joy without facing back pain. She proud herself when people tell her she has a great body for having 3 kids.