People who have lost extra fats from their bodies are a big motivation for you, they always encourage you to lose your weight. Here are some of my favorite lesion that you can learn from 5 men who got success to convert their body into a fit shape.

Alver goes slow down

slow down

He got success after slow down the eating. He denies to eat fast and start chewing the meal slowly and completely. This practice increases his metabolism strength and save him from hundreds of calories in a day. Alvar never learned how to eat, however he got good results after knowing the techniques of healthy eating.

Brian creates competitions in gym

reate competitions in gym

Brian started competition with himself and the other guys. When he goes in the gym and start competing with the other people who was trying to lose weight, as well as he was measuring his own weight with the previous one. He lost 32 pounds at the age of 41 and not living a healthy life, free from fats with a better body sahpe.

John charts his grocery

chart his grocery

John has lost nearly 100 pounds after a great struggle. To lose weight is a complicated process but for John it becomes the simpler, when he learned how to shop. He manages to shop from his grocery store while buying foods. He was stick with meats, vegetables and fruits when he go outside to buy something.

Stave saves him for eating confusion

save him for eating confusion

Stave got success to lose weight after preparing his diet instead of chaos. He thinks the biggest habit of fat people to eat more calorie rich foods and Stave got success to avoid from these types of food. He thinks you should preplan the eating material on daily basis, it helps you to avoid from overeating and eat unhealthy foods.

David involves his family

involves his family

Sometime people discourage while losing weight because of poor support system from family or friends. David’s waif was crazy while his weight practice, she became supportive and motivate her husband to burn more calories on daily basis. David’s wife joined him in his weight loss strategy and she lost over 40 pounds as well.