Lori is a 44 years married woman having one son and working as tutor, lives in Hillsborough, New Jersey. In early times she had 272 pounds and now living a healthy life with only 149 pounds after losing 123.

how lori lose weight She starts feeling obese since she stepped in adult age and unhappy because she faced difficulty to find her match size cloths and shoes, and the same situation started again with her three years old son, then she decided to get her shape back to wear her favorite dresses.

weight loss startegyof lori

When she started working on her weight loss strategy she was not comfortable to wear tops and belts. The interesting thing is that she got motivated by negative people, who did not have any believe that she can convert into a fit body shape that made her more striving to lose weight faster.

best startegy of lori in weight lose

Lori’s Tips for Weight Loss

Tip #1: She started eating with a shrimp fork and teaspoon that help her to avoid eat quickly.

Tip #2: She decreased sugar and butter from her half recipes.

Tip #3: she started exercise for few minutes in 5 days of a week and gradually increase the time.

Lori’s Eating Plan

Breakfast: In morning she takes a cup of hot oat bran cereal or oatmeal and use half cup of milk and fruits included blackberries and raspberries.

Lunch: she started eating salads and hummus sandwich and added pumpkin quesadilla with feta cheese in her afternoon diet plan.

Dinner: She added lean quantity of beef and add some spices to keep her dishes interesting.

Snacks: Lori added a tablespoon of cashews or a honey crisp in daily diet plan as snack food.

Lori’s Workouts

Weight Training: When she got strength to do workout she usually do 45 minutes tanning on different machines and use dumbbells. The interesting thing in Lori’s weight loos workout she always try to do some changes after sometime to keep things motivated.

Cardiovascular: She did it too much to get faster results and do 80 minutes of cardio exercise 5 times in a week using treadmill machines and add some variety in her cardiovascular.