50-year-old Cheryl Shaw and her 17-year old daughter Tessa, both were worried with their overweight problem however, they did not take it difficult to do and take this challenge to lose weight.

weight lose challange to mother and daughterThe mother and daughter made a perfect diet and workout plan and track their whole activities through a calendar and making video of their self. Now the video named “#GiveIt100” goes viral on the YouTube that they spent 100 days in losing weight, together.

“I don’t want her to have a lifetime of this,” Cheryl said.

diet for weight loseMother-Daughter Duo started to show off their fat figure and track their whole workout and diet plan, at the end mother and daughter show their body after losing 74 pounds in 100 days. This 2 minutes video will surely inspire you to lose more fats in few days.

They did a lot of workout in the gym and spend hours while exercising for weight loos, they also focus on outdoor activities and run miles in a day.

mother daugher gym workout They prepare their foods early in the week, and never had excuse to not eat healthy food, as well as track their weekly diet plan and focus on the vegan foods.

Tessa’s mom has to spend 12-hours shift at work in Emergency Room but never missed a day of exercising, during this 100-days period.

running for weight lossAfter watching the full video you will surly say, “congrats Cheryl and Tessa” as this is an inspirational achievement by this Mother and Daughter Duo. The awesome thing in the whole video is that both seem really happy and energetic to spend a fat free life. They named the video #Giveit100

mother daugher after weight lose

Photo Credit to YouTube

Watch the Mother -Daughter Duo Weight Loss Video