weight loss success storyJanelle at the age of 38 is a divorced women with a girl, working as Dantal Claims Analyst in Prior Lake, Minneapolis. She was facing 205 pounds and now she is living a healthy life only with 135 pounds after losing over 70 pounds.

lost 70 pounds in 9 monthsAbout one and a half years ago, when she has to go in the University of Minnesota, where she has to take some flights of stairs and she relies that now she has been getting fat, where she never feels tired to run on the same stairs.

One of the big challenges in her weight loss strategy was to change her lifestyle that was a difficult task for her but she accept the change and got success.

Janelle’s Weight Loss Eating Plan

Breakfast: She starts her day with cheerios and milk breakfast.

Lunch: in the midday food she prefers low fat chili in less calorie foods.

Dinner: She always try to eat tuna spread with vegetables in night meals.

Mini Meals: In this nine month period she always keep almonds to eat.

Nutritional Supplements: She never takes any supplements to lose weight.

Janelle’s Weight Loss Workouts

Weight Training: She joined a trainer for effective workouts and do her weight trainings under the instructions of that personal trainer.

Cardiovascular: For better output she prefer to use elevators and dance to loss workout. She usually use the elliptical machine and running on daily basis.