erica weihgt lose success storyErica is a 27-year old married women and she is Human Resources by occupation lives in Dayton, Ohio. Her starting weight was 322 pounds and now and her current weight is only 178 pounds after losing 144 pounds after a great workout and diet plan.

She got irritated when her toddler asked to play and she was too exhausted to even do that. And she had no other choice expect to wear moo moos. She started workout and weight lose diet and now living a healthy life. Here is Erica’s weight lose strategy that would be helpful for in your weight lose plan.

succes story of weight lose

Erica’s Weight Loss Tips!

  • Tip 1: She made some fun with her weight loss success photos and takes salfies as well.
  • Tip 2: She always have a cheat meal.
  • Tip 3: She connect with those people was also instructed to lose weight.
  • Tip 4: She always prefers to ask for help from fellows.
  • Tip 5: She made realistic goals and determinant to achieve those goals.

Erica’s Weight Loss Eating Plan

Breakfast: She always prefers to eat egg’s whites and whole wheat English muffin in her morning meal.

Lunch: During noon meal she ate brown rice, chicken and vegetables.

Dinner: At dinner time Erica eat fish, veggies and little quantity of potatoes.

Snacks: This is most important in her diet plan as she eat low fat frozen yogurt, peanut butter, 100 calorie popcorn and her favorite fruit apple.

Erica’s Weight Loss Workouts

Weight Training: She loves to lift weight to lose extra fats from her body, she gives 5 days to her weight lifting routine in a week.

Cardiovascular: Cardio training is one of the most important thing in her weight lose workout plan and do cardio 5-6 days a week for 45-50 minutes.