Annette Larkins a 70 Year old women looks very younger than her age. She revealed her own grown vegetable and fruit garden in her Miami Dade County backyard. All of the grown things in her garden look beautiful and edible.

70 year old women looks 30One of the most important thing of her beautiful garden and her health is to collect rainwater to drink and water her garden.

Annette her own planted vegetables and fruits are the base of her Youth.

Annette assures she has been married when she was 54. However, her husband was 70 years of age when she got married with him, but she never feel shame while people belief that the girl who looks like the daughter of a man is actually his wife.

Annette declared that her diet included are own grown raw fruits, vegetables along with nuts and seeds. On the other hand the situation is very different that her husband once who owned a meat factory in 1960’s turned vegan.

Annette, 70, never takes a pill, but her husband effected with diabetes and high blood pressure. She thinks her raw vegetables and fruits have a great role in her healthy life.

If you inspired from 70 Year Old Annette Larkins and want to follow her natural diet plan you may get her booklet as she decide to disclosed her life journey that would be available in just $4.95.

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