Belly fat is one of the major problems of fat people. If you are facing belly fat problems and want to decrease your waist. You need to avoid the under given 3 practices and make some changes in your lifestyle and you will get better results.

You Drink Soda

soda bad for belly fatSugary soda is full of calories would cause your diet disaster that will expand your waistline. A study founds that the regular soda would cause to increase your waist size. The artificial sweeteners and soda triggers a message to your body and influx of energy that will increase your hunger and you will eat more food.

You Sleep Less

less sleep bad for belly People who sleep less seems fatter. The lack of sleep have serious consequences for your waistline. The study shows women who sleep five or fewer hours at night they are 32 percent fatter as compared to the women who complete 8 hours night sleep. To sleep a little bit causes an increase in a hormone named ghrelin, which would cause stimulates appetite.

You do Wrong Workout

wrong workout to reduce bellyA large number of people who start workout to lose weight without any proper guide of professional weight loss trainer. If you do wrong workout that are not for you belly it is quite possible you would loss fats from other parts of your body but you will be unable to loss fats from belly.