You face is your identity and every one want his/her face should look nice and impressive, but some people having problem with their chubby cheeks.

chubby cheeks exerciseIf you are interested to loss fat from you face you can do it easily by completing a series of simple facial exercises and easy diet plan. Just follow the given steps for a slim and good looking face without trouble of chubby cheeks.

What to Eat?

Drink Water and Avoid Alcohol

If you are not drinking enough water you would suffer from chubby cheeks, when you don’t drink enough water it stores extra water in your eyes and cheeks and these looks puffy. Drink at least nine glasses of water in a day that will keep your body safe from dehydration and your cheek will look less chubby.

Alcohol is one the major drinks, which increase your weight and make your cheeks puffy. To drink more alcohol can make you dehydrated and increase your facial puffiness.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

To eat fruits and vegetables is always healthy habit for all and it also lose weight from your cheeks. Vegetables and fruits contain enough quantity of water and fiber, which help you to hydrate and retain water in your cheeks. You may also eat calcium rich foods like dairy products included skim less milk, yogurt and low fat cheese.

What to do?

Chew Gum

To chew gum is one of the best and delicious exercise to make your cheeks fat free. While doing this exercise you won’t even feel like practicing an exercise. Set a goal to chew gum after every meal it will not only lose fat from your cheeks as well as make your breath fresh.

Do the “X-O” exercise

Say “X-O” loudly at least 15-20 times in your 3 times exercise in a day. In this exercise your cheeks will move in different ways that will burn fat from your cheeks and make your jaws stronger. It is easy to do this exercise anytime, anywhere.

Keep Smiling

Smile is not only healthy for you as well as it keeps your cheeks from chubbiness. If you don’t have anything to simple just smile your own and keep it on your face at least 10 to 15 seconds and practice this healthy exercise at least 10 times a day that will not only fat burring as well as you will look more beautiful.