Ramadan is one of the most important months in Islamic calendar. It is a great blessing for the Muslim community from ALLAH. Along with its religious benefits it has several positive effects on your health. The Islamic month of Ramadan is a great gift from God for those people who are trying to losing weight. All Muslim knows Ramadan has been started and billions of Muslims around the world are fasting to grab the blessings of this holy month. Now here are some of the tips for Muslim community who want to be fit and lose weight in this Islamic months of Ramadan.

ramadan is best for weihgt lossIn this month Muslims are ordered to stop eating and drinking before sun rise till the sun set. During this period a person who is on fast is not allowed to eat even drink anything. This is a good way to make our stomach healthy while avoiding eating and drinking. Here are some of the special routine in this holy month to lose more fats from your body.

4 ways to break your fast for weight loss

  • At Iftar it is understood you are going to eat more because full of hunger but you need to control on overeating at that time that will cause you to gain weight.
  • Break your fast fiber and protein riche foods avoid from calories and fats that will stabilize your blood sugar as well as kill your hunger and the most important to lose weight.
  • Avoid drinking soda especially at iftar time, which is a major cause to gain weight and have no single benefit when you are feeling more hunger.
  • Avoid diuretic foods that would make you dehydrated, don’t drink too much water that will assist you to toilet again and again after early breakfast.

What after Ramadan?

If you focus on your diet for the whole month of Ramadan and you manage to lose weight during this season of blessings. You will need to be careful on Eid. Just after finish Ramadan one of the biggest Muslim festival Eid-al-Fitar comes, when you will have more chance to eat everything what you like, but keep you will have to keep yourself away from high calories that can effect on your whole month diet routine that you created during Ramadan.