It would be a bad news for the desk job holders if they are still continuing their habit to stick to their office chair. If you are not putting your time to the gym, walking or exercises it is going to be hard for you.

disadvantages of desk job

The Northwestern University studies shows 63% people spend their walking hours while sitting on the desk as well as they also skip their sleeping hours. These studies show how sitting is insidious for you. Spend a day to stick with your chair would raise the risks of:

Chronic disease

A study in Australia examined that over 60,000 people aged 45-65 shows that who spend four or less hours while sitting on desk have less chronic diseases. They are free from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases. People who spend their day on desk have double risks of such diseases.

Kidney disease

A British study examined over 5000 people from which women who spend more than 8 hours a day have more chances of developing chronic disease but the men have 15% lower risk of the same disease.


Type 2 diabetes is a common but dangerous disease found among those people who are not linked to daily exercise, walking or gym. According to the British research if you spend your time on your desk increase the chances of high blood sugar and cholesterol that will be the major cause of your fat body.


A recent study of American Cancer Society shows people who are associated with sitting more than three hours a day have more chances to dead by cancer disease. They don’t have control on insulin and glucose that could lead them to the diabetes.

However, there is a saying “every problem has a solution” so you don’t need to worry about your desk job. Keep moving yourself climbing to office stairs instead of using elevators, walk during the break time and eat healthy foods.