Experts advices always have a vital role in our weight lose plan, the given tips by the famous weight lose experts will be beneficial for you to get a fit body by changing simple things in your diet plan.

1. Start Juicing by Tara Stiles

juice for weight loseThe founder and owner of Strala Yoga Studio, Tara Stabiles thinks to add vegetable and fruit juices into your routine diet plan would be effective. She found juices best thing for her health and for a fit body shape. She thinks cucumber, carrot, ginger and many fruit juice are good that can give you so much energy and keep you healthy. However, in juicing diet you need to stop sugar and salts juices that would not be effective for your health.

Salad Every Day by Mandy Ingber

salad for weight loseThe creator of Yogalosophy, Many Ingber prefers salad diet in order to lose more weight. She is a celebrity yoga instructor and thinks eating salad in your lunch every day is a good habit to shape your body. Salad provides you more fiber and keep you away from calories which is a best way to give you a better shape. You may load your salad with veggies and nuts to make it delicious and healthy.

Avoid to Buy Diet Food by Jennifer Cohen

diet foods for diet planJennifer Cohen, spokeswomen of Watchers and the author of “No Gym Required” thinks don’t choose those foods that are marketed good for weight loss. Instead of this practice choose those food that you wrote in your weekly diet plan based on nutritional values and as per your health benefits. She said before you plan shopping your weekly meal determine your nutritional values and ask your self is this list of foods is matching your health plan or not?

Add Lemon in 3 Liter Water by Jackie Warner

lemon water for weight loseJackie Warner one of the famous celebrity trainer thinks to add lemon in your routine water will help you to get a fit body shape. You can add little quantity of lemon in 3 liter water and drink it daily. Adding lemon into your water will help you to detoxify the liver and your speed up your metabolism to burn more calories.