Daniel, 20, is an unmarried Artesian man who is a tutor by profession was suffering with over 200 pounds. Now he is living a healthy life only with 145 pounds after losing 55 pounds extra weight. Take a look of Daniel’s weight loss success story and get inspired.

Success Story of weight lossWeight Loss Motivation

The ex-girlfriend of Daniel encourage him to lose weight. She feels embarrassed while standing with him as he was very fat at that time as well as she was feared about his health matters. Then Daniel decided to lose weight frequently with the help of a close friend.

Weight Loss Challenges

Fast foods and soda have an integral role to increase your body weight and it was more challenging for Daniel to lose his weight faster. In workouts to run was one of the most difficult exercise for Daniel, after 4 months practice he was able to run 5 to6 miles nonstop.

Daniel’s Eating Plan for Weight Loss

Breakfast: He started the day with 4 boiled eggs, but mostly use egg whites, a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of orange juice.

Lunch: He prefer to use brown rice and chicken along with vegetables, chicken sandwiches with some healthy salads.

Dinner: a light dinner of potato and vegetables with chicken breast and brown rice. He added some special Korean foods to be healthy.

Mini Meals: In the light meals he use apples, bananas for energy, snacks and peanuts for completing his daily calories.

Daniel’s Workouts for Weight Loss

He prefer to exercise a day after, means 3 times in a week with a proper schedule.

  • On Monday he exercise for back and legs.
  • On Wednesday he workout for chest and biceps.
  • On Friday Daniel focus on shoulder and triceps exercise.

A special exercise was scheduled for Saturday that included 30 minutes workout. His workouts included pushups, dips, jump rope, pull ups, 6 sets of sprints and 2 mile run.