sleep better help you in weight lossTake your full time sleep at night is one of the best natural ways in your weight loss plan. Just follow the under given simple rules to lose weight with sleep. After following the give tips you will surely feel good results, not only in your weight loss as well as you will live a healthy and active life.

Say Hello to the Sun Every Morning

Get up early in the morning is a healthy practice it will effects a lot on your weight loss strategy, the earlier you get up from bed the more you will have time for weight loss workout. Spend 15 minutes in sunlight will continue your rhythm of sleep and help you to burn calories.

Set an Early Schedule to Sleep

The consistency in sleep will keep your mind active to take full time sleep and you will surely get up early in the morning. Keep in mind the longer you sleep the more you burn calories while sleeping.

Stop Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine may active you to 10 hours after you drink it, so avoid caffeine rich drinks after 2pm. Alcohol active your metabolism system and you have to urinate again and again that will disturb your sleep and you will be unable to complete your sleep duration. So avoid drinking alcohol rich drinks before 3 hours to sleep.