Every one want to lose weight with some easy workout and simple diet plan. Here are some of the famous weight loser experts’ advices that you may follow for better results.

Tips from the Weight Loser ExpertsChange your treadmill workout

According to Jillian Michaels if you are going to start treadmill or doing it now try to practice incline. If you have cranked with your daily routine treadmill you can add some verity of cardio as you don’t need to get bored with your treadmill or any other exercise.

Hold Yoga Positions

Bob Harper thinks yoga is best for losing weight. He prefer to hold the same yoga positions for 5 to 10 minutes for quick weight loss results. To take deep breaths while holding a same yoga pose is also necessary to make your abdominals stronger.

Get Menu Savvy

Jillian thinks if you are managing your diet you should have a special menu savvy. Don’t be hesitate while making a special request for you when you going to place an order in a restaurant. She prefer to order boiled, grilled, roasted foods.

Avoid Over Processed Foods

Bob another famous weight lose expert think to avoid over processed foods that contain more fats will help you to manage your weight loss diet. Simply try to use corn syrups and nutritional foods for an affective weight loss diet.

Forget Soda and its Products

Soda is one of the major factors in gaining weight, so Jillian thinks that you should completely avoid form soda or its products in order to follow the weight loser experts’ advice. Use unsweetened iced tea, water and skim milk as these drinks will help you to burn your extra calories.