All people who are facing extra weight and they are working to reduce it, have their own weight loss strategy. Here are some of the strange weight loss tricks that you may don’t know but these really work. You may choose all of them or pick one of the given weight loss plan if you are really interested to lose weight without wasting time any more.

Depend on One Meal a Day

one meal a day To reduce our meal quantity is one of the important factors in our weight loss strategy. Intermittent Fasting known for IF is the hottest trick among female weight losers that reported several benefits included less cancer risk, faster metabolism, improved immunity and better insulin sensitivity. This habit to eat only one meal in 24 hours called Intermittent Faster (IF) often find smarter as compared to their past habit to don’t miss any meal.

Eating with a Clipped Nose

nose clipped eatingYou may don’t know, the smell of meal plays a huge role how we taste our food, if you remember your small age experiment where you have to eat an apple or onion with a pinched nose and couldn’t tell the difference. Clipping your nose during eating meals help you to eat until you finish. This practice to eat the best dieting foods that you don’t like to eat and make your favorite food less enjoyable and you will not eat them in a huge quantity.

Add More Traditional Spices in Meal

spices in the food It is noticed that to add a wide range of different flavors of spices to your foods would be effective to control your portion sizes and lose weight. According to the research people who eat more spicy food eat less as compare to the food that are not spicy, that will help them to control on their food quantity while avoiding to eat more foods. So you don’t need to be afraid to add your traditional species into your foods and enjoy less eating to reduce weight.