To follow famous expert’s advices is always effective in your weight loss plan. The weight looser experts have good knowledge and tips to burn your extra calories. Here are some of the top health loss experts’ advices for simple diet changes in your weight loss strategy.

Simple Diet Changes by Weight Loss ExpertsLisa Hubbard: New Recipes

Lisa Hubbard shared in her book “Element: Total Body Pilates with Mini Ball” to drink creative juices are a healthy investment while trying new recipes for weight loss. You can pick this new book and enjoy these new healthy recipes shared by Lisa Hubbard.

Dr. Lynn: Use Mustard and Mayo

Dr. Lynn prefers to use mayo, as well as she recommended spicy mustard. She prefers these both foods because mustard is a good food to increase your metabolism and create a heat effect in your body. You can use the given recipe shared by Dr. Lynn. Add a tablespoon of hot spicy mustard in a glass of water just before your dinner, it will increase your metabolism as well as it is a good source of antioxidants.

Andrea Metcalf: Add Proteins

Andrea Metcalf the author of Naked Fitness, Pain-Free and Fitter recommended portions in every meal. She prefers to add portions like beans and tofu. As well as she favors to use protein to keep away from hunger and help to lose your weight faster.

Mandy Ingber: Eat a Salad

Mandy Ingber thinks to eat salad every day with lunch is a best way to lose weight faster. Mandy creates a Yogalosophy and she is a famous celebrity yoga instructor. Mandy Ingber prefers to replace your lunch meal with healthy salad food or fruits that would include nuts, avocado and some veggies in your meal.

Jackie Warner: Drink Water with Lemon

You should be aware that to drink water is one of the healthier habit to keep your shape fit. Jackie Warner a famous celebrity trainer and the star of “Personal Training with Jackie: 30 Day Fast Start” thinks to drink 3 liter water with lemon in a day is a best way to lose your extra fats. Lemon will help you to clean your liver and metabolize fats. It helps your metabolize to work faster 30 percent. Jackie Warner thinks this practice will burn over 100 calories per day.

Nicole Nichols: Eat Regularly

Nicole Nichols a fitness expert and the editor of says, you should not never let yourself too hungry. Nichols thinks to wait for eating for a long time will encourage you to eat more food, so to avoid from overeating you should not keep yourself hungry for a long time. You can plan one or two snacks in a day to avoid from overeating in your routine meal.