If you are beginner to lose weight you need to know the difference between BMI, Weight and Waist size. These are the three most popular ways to know about your fitness. Here you will know what is BMI and the role of weight and waist in your fitness and diet plan.

how to keep fit your self


Body Mass Index (BMI) this is a consistent formula to decide the ratio between height and weight. This is a reliable way to know about body fat among adults. A healthy BMI is usually between 19-25 based on your weight and height. MBI will categorize your body weight and let you know are you underweight or overweight or you have a normal weight.


There is a complicated relation with your health and fitness. You will be able to determine your fitness through your weight and by keeping your weight in a normal condition you can live healthy life. You can check your weight weekly or monthly will be good practice to keep yourself healthier.


A large number of people are facing heavy with and more BMI, you need to measure your waist correctly using a scale or tape. If you are facing more than 32 inches as per your weight of 5.4 inches you need to make it normal by doing exercise or using diet plan.