dark chocolate and red wine for health

Red Wine and Dark Chocolate both foods are the best to enjoy with your partner or to gift someone. However, some people think these both things are not healthy for our fitness but the research proves that these are good for all of us.

The study at Journal of the American Medical Association the amount of resveratrol that we get from our diet are not enough for cardiovascular or cancer disease. In their research they tracked near about 800 people for nine year, in the research almost all people have higher urinary resveratrol levels but the people who have lower resveratrol levels who have passed away.

The research finds and suggests that a common person might drink a glass of red wine or a dark chocolate in a day that help you to keep your resveratrol levels higher, however they added it doesn’t mean it is still have all benefits for your health.

What is resveratrol?

It is a non-flavonoid antioxidant of our body from polyphenol group that have many type of types of antioxidants. This group also involves with flavonoids. In simple words antioxidants are helpful to fight against extremists of body.

The Bottom Line

According to the study we can believe that there are still some benefits of red wine and dark chocolate for our health, however it is necessary to remember that the more quantity of both foods is not better for your health. The wine should have very low quantity of alcohol or you may use nonalcoholic wine to keep you healthy. You may also use dark chocolate but just one square for a day.